Aerospace Subsector

The aerospace subsector involves transportation of passengers or goods in the air; use of equipment such as aircraft, helicopters and space vehicles such rockets, space ships and drones; provision and management of airport, heliports and air space services; and other support services such as the manufacture, maintenance and repair of air transport related equipment.

The biggest employer companies are state-owned enterprises such as South African Airways (SAA) with its subsidiaries (SAA Technical, SA Air link, Mango, SA Express), South African Air-force and Denel.

Other government entities you can approach for opportunities are:

  • South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
  • Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS)
  • Airports Company of South Africa
  • South African Air Force (SAAF)
  • South African Police Air Wing

Areas you can specialise in include:

  • Aircraft assembler – develops and designs all aircraft/air vehicles.
  • Aircraft electrician – maintains, inspects, repairs, overhaul and test aircraft electrical components.
  • Aircraft electroplater (712201) – works with electrochemical processes to plat aircraft parts for reconstruction or to prevent corrosion.
  • Aircraft instrument mechanic (672101) – installs, repairs and tests navigation and flying equipment
  • Aircraft mechanic (653201) – responsible for the maintenance of aircraft components like engine, fuel systems, hydraulic and pneumatic components, landing gears, brakes, pumps, and many more.
  • Aircraft painter (643202) – responsible for the protective and decorative finishing of the aircraft body, its engine and components.
  • Aircraft radartrician (672104) – maintains all communication equipment of the aircraft.
  • Aircraft structures (653202) – responsible for the manufacture, maintenance, repair and modification of air craft structures and components
  • Aircraft trimmer (653202) – responsible for the manufacture, maintenance, repair and modification of interior components like survival equipment, seat covers, fabric panels, insulation, carpets and curtains.
  • Aircraft welder (651202) – repairs aircraft components by welding processes and using advanced technologies.
  • Aviation turner and machinist (652301) – modification, repairs and manufacture of air craft parts.
  • Composite structures (653202) – manufacture, maintenance and repair plastic, fibreglass and honeycomb structure components.
  • Electro-mechanic (672106) – maintains teletype equipment, landing lights, beacons, and stand-by generators.
  • Electronic maintenance (672106) – maintains navigation aids and communication equipment like radar and radio beacons.
  • Fitter and turner (652302) – manufactures parts and aircraft components.
  • Flight-line mechanic – prepares an airplane for a test flight after final assembly.

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